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Day After Day

Cleveland, OH, United States

Credit - Amber Patrick (aterrormusical Photography)

Marcus Smith, a rapper/singer/multi-instrumentalist from Cleveland, Ohio released his upcoming album's second single this morning. ‘Day After Day’ is a song that will hit your soul with its funk based soulfulness.

There are songs that stop me in my tracks from time to time like an X Factor Golden Buzzer moment – Marcus Smith, take a seat, you’ve got me out of mine!

An opening lead guitar riff instantly reminded me of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers – You cannot go wrong with funk. As the song progresses it just gets better and better and better and, you get the point.

I was sold at the riffs but there’s something beautiful within the vocals. Let’s start with the chorus. Smith collaborates with his father to sing in a special harmony. Before you know it you’re teleported into a full legendary hip-hop rap verse. OH MY. Somewhere in between the riffs and flows lies a KO’d me.

The lyrics hold a motivational message in times of darkness. “Day after day, after day, I’m always moving forward”. A beautiful celebration of family is found here in a song that contains lyrics by Marcus Smith and his little brother along with vocals from their father. Smashed it!



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