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MARK WINTERS - Boundary Layer Radio Remix

Boundary Layer’ is yet another feel-good song from the prolific Mark Winters. Here the uptime sound of a big band is pushed through the bluesy filter of Mark Winter’s talented mind and comes out feeling unique and needed in modern times. Songs nowadays, especially in the rock department, have become dry, they complain, they are all out to fight the system. Which is necessary, yes. But sometimes we as listeners just need to let go and get lost in some classic quality blues. ‘Boundary Layer’ is up there with the best of it. Catchy riffs, headstrong lyrics, powerful chords and a vocal to send it all home. Pair that with the drive of the percussion and the walking bass that still has me humming and you’re onto a winner.

Mark Winters, I’m happy to say, has done it again. This single is another great example of the immortality of blues. Keep it coming, keep on rolling, keep on strumming. I feel like we’re just getting started.



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