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MARLON BIANCO - Planet Coronet

Credit - Alessandro Gianferrara

Funk and groove is the name of the game for Marlon Biano in his latest instrumental track, ‘Planet Coronet.’ It's a high-flying scenic romp into the jazz mind and out the other side. With a hook that bites using drums with tonnes of attitude powered by a bass line that will stay with you for days, there’s no way you aren’t falling head over heels in love with this sound.

Punchy, the bass line grabs you. The beat reels you in close as the brass whittles away at the emotion overhead. It's colourful, golden and green. It sits there with its hands circling yours, almost touching but not quite. You wait for the moment that all will connect, and when it comes it is glorious. A chorus, no, a shift in the music. It is not repeating but growing, expanding, evolving.

Marlon Bianco’s ‘Planet Coronet’ is infatuating. The sounds, the sights, the melodic harmonies. It is an adventure in sound, one that you simply must experience for yourself.



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