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Mary Knoblock's 'Mustang Runners' - A Cosmic Journey of Healing and Discovery, Balancing Dark Sounds

Mary Knoblock’s new release takes us on a journey of healing and discovery. Radiating mystical and dreamy imagery, allow your mind to escape and explore the cosmic scenery of ‘Mustang Runners’.

Mary shares that the song was inspired by tragedy and trying to navigate feelings of pain and suffering. This is reflected in the dark soundscape, combining synth and electronic textures with a dissonant sound, adding a subtle eerie tone throughout. Yet these darker notes are balanced through Mary’s vocals, with light and angelic tones, her voice resembles a higher power, a release of torment or a call to the universe.

One is left feeling eased and content from ‘Mustang Runners’. Mary reminds us to have faith in brighter times, allowing her listeners to channel their feelings and find comfort within pain. Check out ‘Mustang Runners’ – a captivating and haunting release that encourages self-reflection and meditation.



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