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Matt DeAngelis' "Can't Write About Today" Effortlessly Fuses Classic Rock Balladry with the Modern

Matt DeAngelis is back with, ‘Can’t Write About Today,’ a smooth as butter rock track that dips and dives as it plays, taking you off course to deliver a sweltering chorus. The song starts slow and low. The bass lines up with the keys as they figure out the chords. The vocal flies overhead, that classic Matt DeAngelis feel, bright, tonal — but ready to push the pedal to the metal at a moment's notice. Soon the song is picking up steam, and just when you think the chorus will hit it switches tone, swoops below you and delivers a sound that sweeps you off of your feet.

‘Can’t Write About Today’ takes notes from classic ballad rock and simplifies them, making them more potent. Then adds some contemporary creativity: the extended breakdowns, the flying chords, and those smashing vocals. Soon you are flying right alongside like a harmony caught in a dream. A single so pure of heart that it bleeds crimson with a beautiful vigour and flow. Amazing.



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