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Change Your Ways

Turnersville New Jersey, United States

‘Change Your Ways’ is the latest single from pop music up and comer, Matt DeAngelis. It's a song full of rich piano, smooth drums, slick guitar and bass and some stellar vocals. Warm vibes and good intentions line the lyrics, while the vocal style is more solemn and focuses on long, proud notes. It's soothing music but it never gets boring. With those drums meeting the frills of the piano so well there’s always something new happening just behind the vocal which soars into the highs and dips into the lows throughout the track. Spoken word middle eight anyone?

The song opens with that piano. It plays through the melody and has fun with it, taking walks up high and strolls down low as the chords shift like changes in the wind. A drum roll leads in the vocals that instantly jump up to those highs that Matt DeAngelis will soon be known for. Hitting clean notes and keeping them sets this song apart. The melody is so large in terms of scale, it ranges from middle low to upper high and keeping up with its subtleties is music in and of itself. As the song goes on it builds in layers of bass and electric guitar and it comes together like a sunset.

‘Change Your Ways’ holds within, a great message, but I hope Matt DeAngelis doesn’t take it. There’s nothing to change about ‘Change Your Ways’ solid rocking pop, only that we want more of it. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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