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MERCURIUS Shines Under 'Streetlights': A Harmonious Fusion of Rock and Pop

Released on February 10th, MERCURIUS's 'Streetlights' captivates with its emotive narrative and intricate guitar work, showcasing the exceptional talents of James, Jazzy, and Paul.

From the heart of Newcastle, MERCURIUS emerges with their latest single 'Streetlights'marking their evergrowing ground and collaborative genius. Released on February 10th, this over-six-minute opus invites listeners into a deeply personal narrative that is enriched by the amazing vocal harmonies of James Brown and Jasmine Crichton (Jazzy), along with the sophisticated guitar layers of Paul Brown.

'Streetlights' goes beyond the ordinary by drawing influences from iconic bands such as Radiohead along with the melodic storytelling style of Simon & Garfunkel and lastly, incorporating the dynamic energy of the Foo Fighters into their artistry. The song's foundation which was inspired by the rhythmic brilliance of Don Henley's 'Boys of Summer', showcases MERCURIUS's ability to blend classic rock sensibilities with contemporary flair.

Despite being a relatively new presence on the music scene, MERCURIUS has created a piece that resonates with the timeless theme of yearning for home and the ones we love. We can all relate right?! The track's narrative unfolds as it goes along with hints of hesitance, mirroring the uncertainty of distance and separation. Before long listeners can expect the piece to blossom into a full-bodied musical extravaganza which captures the essence of reunion and the warmth of returning to familiar arms.

Recorded at Blast Studios in Newcastle and masterfully mixed by Olly, 'Streetlights' offers a bold choice in today's fast-paced music industry. Opting for a six-minute version over a radio edit is unusual, brave and, quite the statement. However, MERCURIUS places faith in the listener's patience, rewarding them with a sound that includes Paul's best guitar work to date and a vocal duet that is emotionally resonant.

'Streetlights' by MERCURIUS? - An invitation to explore the depths of human connection, set against the backdrop of life's winding roads and the simple, yet profound, joy of coming home.

Genre: Alt Rock, Pop, Indie, Rock Pop, Indie Rock

Mood: Emotive, Soulful, Nostalgic, Heartfelt

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