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Atlanta, GA, United States

The community of Atlanta, Georgia have done it again, they have cultivated another great talent with finesse and style in Mia Delamar. Being a singer-songwriter, musician, choreographer/dancer, and actress Mia is an all-around talent that really needs to be acknowledged, especially when we consider her latest release ‘Silly’.

This track tells a very vivid story of a woman making the wrong choices concerning who she gives her heart to. Taking us on a journey of realisation that providing love to someone unworthy of her time has personal consequences. This is an empowering track that should be used as a warning not to lose yourself in a relationship and remember to stay true to yourself.

This gorgeously created track delivers a very common, relevant and relatable narrative while still providing the listener with a pleasant experience. The extremely rhythmic vocal flow is one of the main things that stands out to me. The change-up between pop-rap and the well-recognised RnB style hook segments featuring catchy lyrics and some of the warmest vocal runs present within any music genre, provide such an explosive listening experience. Couple this with the deep hip-hop style beat and clap backing track and we have in the airwaves a track that contains the nineties/early thousands feel, ready to rival some of the great RnB stars to date.

This era theme runs through into the accompanying music video, featuring Mia dancing to the smooth beat utilising simple but eye-catching imagery including what could be considered an artistic metaphor of smoke and mirrors.

This an amazing release which I can imagine blowing up very soon. If you haven't heard this track yet you need to get onto it. - JASMINE


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