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Mia Mormino joins TJPL NEWS for an exclusive interview


MIA MORMINO - Alternate Reality Los Angeles - United States

Credit - Levi Jawara

Independent singer/songwriter, 'Mia Mormino' started the new year off with an unapologetic track full of the disassociation she feels come to light when life gets hard. On a personal note, I RELATE X 100. Wrapped in a real vibe of productive elements we can't help but LOVE this track from start to end and on repeat. Opening on an ultimate bad bitch level we know what's going down immediately. The lyrics are catchy and relatable - Had enough of life stressing you out? let go with this track - Who are your alter personalities? I have around 9 and they're all having a party right now. After making it to NUMBER 1 in our Top 10 Pop earlier this year, I reached out to the artist herself to bring you the following interview!




Your lyrics are a bit on the dark side; how do you go about writing them?

My lyrics are dark because, on the inside, I'm quite dark. I use my experiences with various mental health struggles to influence my music. I use songwriting as a form of emotional freedom, providing me with this beautiful vessel to speak up about how and what I'm feeling inside.

I love that, it's a symbol of hope and relatability. Who else was involved in the production?

My amazingly talented friends, SAM X and Ella Polleti brought this vision of a song to life. Sam is a BEAST in producing, engineering, and songwriting/storytelling, and Ella is a word wizard in songwriting and painting a mental picture. They are such incredible human beings, and I'm honored to have had them be a part of a song that's so special to me.

As artists, it's really special when you just click with your team so I love that. When did you first have the realization that you were an artist?

Since I can remember, creativity has always come very naturally and easily to me. From creating make-believe worlds using forks and knives at the dinner table as a child to submerging myself into the world of music video directing writing, artistic expression has always been there. As a professional musician, I think the first time I felt like one was when I stepped inside the recording studio to record my first single, "Conflicted." I remember putting on the headphones and freaking out about how official I felt.

Your current release, 'Alternate Reality,' is an absolute vibe; I definitely can relate, as I'm sure many others do. How does having 'Alternate' realities influence your creativity?

Thank you so much!!! Having alternate realities is pretty much the driving force of creativity in my music career. For example, in 2021, I created my project "The Seven Deadly Sin-gles," where I released one song and music video per sin of the seven deadly sins. Each piece I made originated from an alternate universe where I was a flight attendant, a princess, a boxer, etc. I create these worlds to escape the world I currently live in. More literally, it's just me dissociating, which is great for music but not for my mental health.

When creating the track/tracks, who were your biggest artistic influences?

My music is so heavily influenced by a WIDE range of genres, but for this track, in particular, artists such as Royal & the Serpent, Grandson, Two Feet, and UPSAHL took the cake!

What are your ultimate career goals?

Some of my ultimate career goals are selling out every show of my world tour, headlining at the Coachella music festival, winning a Grammy (or ten!), and most importantly, making a positive impact on the malleable minds of the generations to come.

How would you define your sound?

My sound is like a bowl of soup with 150+ ingredients. Vocally, think Christina Aguilera meets Peggy Lee meets Lana Del Rey meets Adele. Musically envision the most cinematic movie trailer you can think of, what depression would sound like, and a ton of iridescent glitter falling onto a lagoon of mermaids. Lyrically, I'm a storyteller pulling inspiration from my life experiences, childhood idols, and the worlds I wish to escape when mine gets too much. That's my sound.

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

Most importantly, my future plans focus on finding happiness again within myself. It's been gone for a while, and it's my mission to get it back. Musically, I'm releasing some of my favorite tracks I've ever created this year, including my new single dropping on August 5th titled "Joan of Arc."

Where can we find the track? Links to socials and distribution handles

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