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MICHAEL PELOSO - Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell) - LATEST RELEASE


Rewind (feat. Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell)

Rutherford, United States

‘Rewind’ is a country and soul single from the minds of Michael Peloso (feat. Marisa Frantz and Matthew Shell). It's a warm single, full of guitars and bass that slide and shine against one another, a percussive section that is soft and clicks small beats that patter rather than big ones that boom. The melody is round, it bounces on the chords and grows as the song goes on. ‘Rewind’ feels honest, it feels human and it gives you a sense of belonging like you have been lost in the woods, and you’ve just spied the way home.

The single is quaint, it's one that you would want to listen to on a walk in the country. Its dulcet tones and multi-part harmony sing with the birds and would be caught pleasantly in a springtime wind. The vocals do shine, they are the heart of the track. They carry the melody and they present it to you on a silver platter laden with smooth sounds and tantalising textures. Smooth vocals and a cohesive backing wouldn’t be enough to earn my favour, however, oh no. What truly sets this single apart from others in its genre is the talent that has been poured into its writing. The harmonies, the blending of melodic phrases and that key change that will make anyone swoon. It's delightful and brilliant, a must-listen for anyone who lives to smile.



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