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Look Up

Bronx, United States

‘Look Up’ is a new single born from many creative minds. Michaelangelo Matos is on vocals working with Morsy and Kreative Nativez to deliver us a sound that is diverse, modern and inspired by sounds from the four corners of the globe. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song reads house but feels soul. It rings out melodies that scale classic shapes while a synth drone oscillates beneath the vocals. Speaking of the vocals, man what a powerhouse. To keep up with such a well-rounded and solid backing is a real task, especially one that comes from some of the underground's heavy hitters like Morsy and Kreative Nativez, yet Michaelangelo Matos nails it, and nails it loud.

The song begins with shifting percussion that punctuates the sub-bass and ringing synth highs. When the vocals hit is when the soul begins to seep through to the house-heavy instrumental. It adds a little swing and off-centre melody, it works wonders and sets the track apart from the crowd. The textures on show are splendid, each instrument locks into the sound and the vocals fit like a glove. As the song goes on it evolves piece by piece, adding frills, changing instruments and focus. First bass, then drums, now synth, now vocals. A dynamic track that is at home wherever you play it, as long as the room is full of people with great musical taste. Great minds think alike. And when you’ve got 4 great minds; you get ‘Look Up’


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