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MICK J. CLARK - Hey Daddy.

Hey Daddy’ by Mick J Clark brings up feelings of Springsteen in those early times. The blues is thick, full of funky notes and tonal guitar bends. The beat rides on in the back, unaffected by the goings-on of the music around it. The light catches on the blazer of the vocal and it comes to life, spinning a tale and swinging a tune. It hooks you under and away you go, pulled into the chorus with the force of Americana blues. The bridge opens the song up, it takes a step down for a solo to have its say in the sun. It bleeds from its sleeve, a true blues track, through and through.

The emotion that Mick J Clark has captured in ‘Hey Daddy’ is rich and explosive. It bubbles up throughout the track and pops at the peak, a flood of want, an outpouring of desire. A rock song that looks inward and sings to the soul.



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