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MICK J. CLARK - It's Christmas Party Time - A TJPL CHRISTMAS

Feel the same old songs weighing on your festive cheer this holiday season? Why not ring in the celebration with a new and rocking track with Mick J Clark’s ‘It’s Christmas Party Time’! With bells, guitars and hearth-warming vocals, you can't go wrong. The melody tips its hat to the greats, twists on their jive but comes out into the snow, original and smiling. It's upbeat, sweet and easy listening, especially at this time of year. Do yourself and your party a favour, and whack this track on the playlist. It’ll go down smooth and it’ll get everyone in that festive mood.

The song opens with bass and drums, a party happening in the back, drawing you memories from Christmas gatherings past. When the instrumental hits it's a jam, all the instruments click and sway with one another, holding hands and cutting snow angels. The vocals overtop are light, and smoothlyharmonic and add zest to the track keeping it fresh as it pulls you onto the dance floor to get a groove on. Synth breakdowns break up the sections with a string of keys and pads and then you’re right back in the thick of it.

Truly a holiday keeper, ‘It’s Christmas Party Time’ by Mick J Clark rolls the good times into a figgy pudding and lights the midnight oil. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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