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MICK J. CLARK - Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah - A TJPL CHRISTMAS

Mick J. Clark expands his growing hits with his new release ‘Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah’

What I liked about this song is its ability to follow convention with the musicality, yet at the same time, we can see Mick’s own unique take on Christmas songs. The soundscape is quite charming with the scattering of bells and gospel – like hymning throughout, adding a sense of innocence and radiating wholesome and magical imagery. Additionally, its similarities with other popular Christmas songs make it quite nostalgic in nature and succeeds in taking the listener back to their childhood memories surrounding Christmas.

However, we still hear those rock/country elements slip through in the synth, drums, guitar riffs and rustic feel to the vocals. Clark, therefore, takes the essential components from the Christmas genre, such as the addition of bells and a cheerful melody line, into his own artistic preference, showing us how songs for the festive season can be woven into any style with the right artistic choices.

Make sure you add ‘Sing Glory Glory Hallelujah’ to your Christmas playlist this year for more of an original take on the Christmas song genre. - AIMEE STOKES


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