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milo venus releases EP "No Consequences" packed pure pop and rock (so make sure you're ready for it)


No Consequences

Seattle, United States

19-year-old Seattle-based artist milo venus has recently finished a month-long music internship through the museum of pop culture this summer and played a sold-out show. Her latest musical project entitled "No Consequences" consists of 6 songs totalling just over 16 minutes of pure pop and rock (so make sure you're ready for it!)

Taking inspiration for this project from the albums "Metronomy Forever" and "The English Riviera ( both by the Britsh band "Metronomy" ) as well as the EP "Minor" by American Gracie Abrams, this is a project designed for the ears of pop lovers!

Opening the project is a piece entitled "SunnyDbobaT". Here listeners are given a strong bassline to lead the way for the vocals. The vocals are layered and delayed making this piece one that is very much focussed on vocal content. This is a nice little opening piece that offers sprinkles of experimental instrumentation from twee sounds to synths and that continuing bass riff throughout.

"Note" is a bit of rock! The electric guitar remains the only instrument throughout the piece. It's messy, gritty and raw. From the strums to the slow plucks this is such a bedroom piece (and I don't mean that in a bad way it reminds me of my own sessions). The piece keeps the persistence of vocal layers and harmonies. It's a cool piece.

"Crazy Boys" continues with a similar feel through the similar use of electric guitar. Again it seems as if the guitar remains the only instrument on the piece (minus the vocals) until the midpoint when listeners are provided with a nice breakdown of piano synths and twee sounds before returning to the acoustics of the guitar.

"IDKHTT" adds a sprinkle of dream pop to the equation and I was really impressed. The piece has a lot more in terms of production from guitar to a variety of synths, listeners get a concoction of synth bass, and bell synths that make a whole difference to the album. This piece really impressed me! It lifted the feel of the album to another level which showcases the distinct variety in sound that this artist is able to bring together. From the simplistic to the spectacular, this artist knows how to work her sound.

"Bridge The Gap" brings woodblocks, bass synths and flute synths into the project, before reintroducing the guitar sounds that are present on most tracks here! A great production by milo venus and producer Solomon Kruger.

"Little Nice" closes the album in a gorgeous way. The piece is super dreamy in instrumentation but also holds a dark tone within its lyrics. I love the harmonies in this piece! They create a sound that seems to grow as the piece goes on.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the growth of milo venus'. This project is a great start to what's to come!



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