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Minno's 'Help Will Be There Soon': An Anthemic Electronic Pop Track That Captures Optimism

Minno, the solo project of Electronic Dance Music producer Chris Minatti, has created an uplifting and catchy anthem with "Help Will Be There Soon." Featuring the soaring vocals of Sophie DeFrench, this track captures the feeling of change and struggle from an optimistic point of view.

With its deep house, EDM, trance, and tropical house influences, "Help Will Be There Soon" is an electronic pop tour de force that will get you moving and grooving. The song's euphoric and emotional qualities, combined with Sophie's perfect blend of lyrics and melody, make it impossible not to feel uplifted and motivated.

As a US-based electronic pop artist, Minno knows how to create a commercial hit that will resonate with a wide audience. "Help Will Be There Soon" is a prime example of his ability to craft anthemic, super catchy tracks that stick in your head long after the song is over. With its dream pop elements and infectious female vocals, this song is the perfect addition to any workout playlist or party mix.

In "Help Will Be There Soon," Minno and Sophie DeFrench have created a song about never losing hope, even in the face of struggle. This optimistic spirit is what makes the track so powerful and uplifting, serving as a reminder to keep pushing forward and believing that better days are on the horizon. Don't miss out on this electronic pop gem that is sure to capture the hearts of music lovers everywhere.



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