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Vancouver, Canada

Mohammed is truly a talented artist who seems to intertwine a plethora of styles into the perfect soothing yet upbeat track. - AIMEE STOKES

The soundscape ranges from electronic beats, middle eastern and jazz guitar riffs to slight elements of funk. This track appears to be a creative exploration of different instruments and genres and the imagery it can evoke. This was effectively delivered by the contrasting harmonies, the middle eastern string elements gave off soothing and mind wondering qualities, making you feel at peace with the pleasant harmonies and the spiritual journey you can allow it to take you on. Yet there is a sense of urgency and a frantic feel to the track, the fast and sharp beats followed by quite a suspenseful tone in the synth leave the listener entranced yet also alert, enjoying those infectious beats.

This spell-binding element to the track is cleverly delivered in the beginning when we are greeted with the pleasant sound of birds chirping, then a sudden slip into a fiery expedition of fast beats. You’ll leave ‘Transit’ feeling uplifted yet also calm and collected thanks to the spiritual journey Agon has taken you on.


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