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Grand Rapids, MI, United States

Sometimes you’re in need of a sultry smooth beat-focused track. Perhaps it's raining outside and you want to take it all in. Perhaps it’s been a long old day at work or perhaps you just want to sway in the kitchen. Whatever the reason Monroe Moon has got you covered with, ‘¡ GET UP !’. The song is deep and divine, fusing drums that oomph with pads that swirl over vocals that could calm a tiger. Monroe Moon takes us away into a world of pitch-black waters, and they do it so perfectly it would be scary if not for the melodic hook that keeps us afloat in the gloom.

The song opens with some minimalistic drums and a guitar that shines. The keys in the back add so much depth and start our plunge into the track. The vocals in the verse come and go like ships passing in the night. You catch the message and the melody, and then they are gone leaving you wanting more. Not for long however as they float right back over just as soon as you wish them to. The chorus surges and the melody conducted by the vocals are short, sweet and immensely memorable.

‘¡ GET UP !’ is a textural and atmospheric wonder, a unique single in a time of copycats. Monroe Moon has set themselves apart and it's captivating. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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