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Moon and Aries Release New Single "Slow Motion" - A Caribbean-Inspired Downtempo Groove

German producer Tom Aries and Canadian singer Jordana Moon invite listeners to find their own rhythm with their latest track, "Slow Motion," from their upcoming LP.

Meet Moon and Aries

Moon and Aries, the award-winning music duo comprised of German producer Tom Aries and Canadian singer Jordana Moon, are back with their latest single "Slow Motion." Known for their unique blend of Cinematic Electro-pop, Synth Pop, Trip-Hop, and RnB/Soul, the duo has been captivating audiences since their collaboration began in 2021. Despite the geographical distance, their creative synergy knows no bounds, resulting in music that transcends borders and elevates consciousness.

About the Single "Slow Motion"

Released on May 17, 2024, "Slow Motion" is a downtempo groove with a touch of Caribbean flair. Tom Aries masterfully lays down a reggae rhythm with his piano, creating a chilled ambient backdrop for Jordana Moon's evocative vocals. The song is a poetic tale of new beginnings and the importance of finding one's own pace in life. The track encourages listeners to escape the default pace of the Matrix and discover a "Slow Motion" life filled with the things that make them feel truly alive.

Production and Inspiration

"Slow Motion" is a standout track from Moon and Aries' upcoming LP, which will feature 12 themed songs for every month of the year. The single embodies the duo's philosophy of melody meeting meaning, offering not just a musical experience but a message of personal freedom and self-discovery.

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Moon and Aries on "Slow Motion"

In their own words, Moon and Aries describe the inspiration behind the song: "This Matrix has a certain default pace and pulse. Let's find our own tempo. Slow Motion is us finding our own path, our own pace, our own rhythm, our freedom. So, please find your 'SLOW MOTION - life': filled with all the things that make you feel alive!"

Experience the Magic of "Slow Motion"

Moon and Aries have once again proven their ability to create music that is both deeply engaging and beautifully relaxing. "Slow Motion" is perfect for adding to downtempo, electronic, and summer vibe playlists, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're relaxing at home or enjoying a summer night, this track provides the perfect soundtrack for those moments when you need to take it slow and savor the present.

What's The Verdict?

"Slow Motion" by Moon and Aries is a testament to the duo's innovative approach to music-making. With its blend of Caribbean rhythms, ambient grooves, poetic lyrics and a hint of the 80s, this single is sure to resonate with fans of chillout and electronic music. I love hearing the music that this duo produces, their sound is distinct but the genres always seem to weave in and out of a range of influences. Don't miss out on this captivating release from one of the most exciting duos in the contemporary music scene.

Genres: Chillout, Electronic, Downtempo, Reggae, Electronic Pop

Mood: Relaxing, Summer Vibe, Ambient, Poetic

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