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MOON AND ARIES Return with 'Traffic': A Timeless Fusion of Retro R&B and Smooth Jazz

MOON AND ARIES: Navigating Life's "Traffic" with Retro R&B and Smooth Jazz

MOON AND ARIES Cover Art - performing their new track 'Traffic,' accompanied by Saxophone maestro 'Jokomagic,' with a retro-inspired backdrop that evokes the R&B and Jazz icons of the '80s and '90s.

MOON AND ARIES are back, and they're inviting listeners to join them on a metaphorical journey through life's many forms of "Traffic." Jordana Moon, Tom Aries, and Saxophone maestro "Jokomagic" are your guides on this musical odyssey, which marries 80s and 90s retro R&B, Soul, Funk, and Smooth Jazz with contemporary elements to create a track that's as timeless as it is modern.

Life is a Highway—Full of "Traffic"

Just like life's journey, "Traffic" is complex and varied. It explores not just the literal traffic that fills our roads, but also the metaphorical traffic in our minds and hearts. It delves into the barriers that prevent us from reaching our true selves and the people we love. The track encourages us to confront the question: How do we navigate through life's myriad obstacles?

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A Tribute to the Greats

With a style that evokes legends like SADE and Lisa Stansfield, "Traffic" is a modern ode to classic R&B and Smooth Jazz. The addition of Jokomagic's saxophone adds an extra layer of complexity to the track, making it a sensual, multidimensional experience.

2023 Meets the '80s and '90s

While the song's style may be rooted in the past, its message is unmistakably contemporary. It reminds us that despite the struggles and setbacks we face—whether in the year 1993 or 2023—we always have choices in how we react and move forward.

The Philosophy of "Traffic"

So, when stuck in "Traffic," what do you do? Do you rant and rave, stuck in a cycle of negativity, or do you "Take control and take the wheel," as the song encourages? It’s all about perspective: the song suggests you roll down your windows, crank up your radio, and make the best out of a less-than-ideal situation. After all, we're all in this traffic—this journey called life—together.


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