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Mote's 'Diamond Days': An Electrifying Indietronica Adventure That Ignites the Soul

Mote’s fresh flavour of indietronica will take you aback, and get you moving all in the same moment. His latest single, ‘Diamond Days,’ is bright, pumping, and prolific in its use of synth textures and techniques. All of that boils down to: it’s one hell of a song.

The instrumental starts us off strong. The four to the floor punches out a dance floor which we will get to later. While a rattling punk-tone bass flies beside synths. The vocal punches through the jet stream and finds our ears. The feeling is cool, it’s mellow. You sidle along, swinging through clouds as the synth takes you away. Then the chorus hits like a shattering glass wall. The light sparkles, the vocals soar into the heavens and the synth takes the world by storm. Lights gleam, melodies spin and harmonies catch you off guard. The chorus has left an imprint that will never fade, but we’re not done yet. The verse comes back and lines up another. It’s visceral, powerful and full of funk. ‘Diamond Days’ will whisk you away and ignite your soul. Once you’re burning, that’s when you use that dance floor.


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