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Rollin' Over

London, United Kingdom

The 4th and latest single from indie rock group mUmbo is called, ‘Rollin’ Over’ and it is a cure for the soul. Its shoegaze and indie vibe gives the song a wholesome feeling. It's like garage rock, it sits there debating melodies and beats as it stares at the white sunrise. Its guitar is unique and a pleasure to listen to. It finds notes in scales that are hidden from view and colours them scarlet. The vocals glide through the effervescent jungle with harmonies and wonderous height. The bass and drums wrap the whole Neo-pop track up in a silver-clad bow and the sound is as individual as it looks.

‘Rollin’ Over’ took me in its stride from the first beat. Paired with the immense scale of the open space that mUmbo plays in, it creates a hypnotic sensation, like you’re being pulled into a velvet net, each cord a different instrument, a different melody a different tone. It's otherworldly but familiar, an alternate dimension of Blondie, a sound you have to hear to believe. ‘Rollin’ Over’ is not all that mUmbo has to offer, and there is surely more to come. Their unique blend of rock-focused shoegaze pop is addictive and tantalising. Once you hear one beat, you’re in for the long run, and that is never a bad thing in mUmbo world.

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