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NAJAR - Talking About The End


Talking About The End

Rishon Le Zion, Israel

‘Talking About The End’ from Najar is a single that brings back memories of fantastic 00s rock. Back to when Cornell was blazing on the Bond soundtrack, when Nickelback hadn’t fallen off of the rock ’n’ roll tour bus and when massive rocking vocals were the kings of the day. The backing is thick, guitars twang, drums clash, and the bass line weaves through the distortion. The main selling point is that vocal. With a performance like that there is no doubt in my mind, we will see plenty more from Najar. The highs are spellbinding, the lows rattle your core, and all the while he keeps cool, suave, and full of confidence.

Tracks like ‘Talking About The End’ are diamonds in the rough in this musical age. Listen to them, enjoy and cherish them. They are filaments remaining of a sound now lost to the past. If we nurture them, they will reconnect, and rekindle the flame of 90s and 00s rock forever.



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