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I Can't

Kensington, United States

Natalie Jean is proving that her musical genius is not barred by genre. Her latest single, ‘I Can’t,’ takes folk and country tones and textures and feeds them to a ravenous contemporary dance beat. The result is a track that boggles the mind. The open gives us an acoustic riff, fingerpicked and quick. The vocals slide on top, smooth and delightful to contrast the bassy kick drum already pounding out the beat. The song grows. The country folk sounds expand as the dance flavours begin to mix with them. The vocals pick up in velocity, they meet the beat and dance with it as the acoustics carve out a medley of sound behind it all. It's warming, homely. A sunset in springtime.

‘I Can’t’ is a showcase of emotional dance music. The lyrics provide a pivotal anchor of musicality, powered by illustrious vocals. The song's layers and complexities wrap around it, hiding it beneath a dance hook that can get anyone moving. But it's still there, the message. Under it all, waiting for you to listen in and get lost in the groove. Intoxicating.



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