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Naytiive's 'SummerSoul' Shines with Dazzling Blend of Pop, Funk, Jazz & Soul, Igniting Dance Pop

‘SummerSoul’ is a sweltering single from Naytiive that blends the world of pop, funk, jazz and soul to deliver a modern pop power track that is blinding in its greatness. From the instrumental and its groove to the vocals and their texture, the song is intricate and the utmost care has been taken with each and every aspect. The brass lines in the bass and the tone they add to the guitars as their light splashes off the vocal in the chorus. It all works together in a fascinating uptime show style. It’s mesmeric, and I love it.

Naytiive is making music that deep down, everyone loves. It's the bop, the jump, and the style. How can you not love a song that gets you in that dancing mood? But there is another layer to ‘SummerSoul’ that takes it over the edge. There is a guile, a grit, a power in the back that almost harkens to the blues. It’s different, it’s fizzy funk, and I can’t get enough of it. ‘SummerSoul’ is a barrel full of the good stuff.



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