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Conscious Stars

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Judy Lin Photography

Los Angeles-based artists Casey Abrams and Sam Stokes have teamed together to create their 9-track album #ConsciousStars. Implementing elements of Folk, Rock, and Soul, this duo has created something rare and special. When talking about the creative process behind the project, Abrams made the following statement - "We didn’t really plan to make an album, it just kind of stumbled out of us.” As many of you creatives out there would agree, this is usually the way that the most authentic and meaningful songs are created right? So, let's take a conscious trip around the starts through this album. The opening track #HeartoftheUniverse. In this song we're instantly introduced to the sensual strums and folk twangs of acoustic guitar that are accompanied by chanting. As the vocal content progresses we hear the gorgeous harmonies of Stokes that are shortly after joined by the emotionally moving weaving of Abrams vocals. This song is true magic. #LadyLadyLoveMe grasps the attention of listeners through its long introduction. Here we hear the variety of guitar skills that are on offer - from soulful twangs to acoustic strums I was completely moved by this piece. #AllMyFriendsareHere is a song that only someone who hears it can possibly understand the impact that it has. In this track, you can really hear the deepness and tone through the soulful vocals. Wow. This truly is an incredible piece of soul!! This piece takes a complete step away from rock and folk and into the world of neo-soul. #MoonlightStarlight keeps the soulfulness of the previous piece but offers a funky rock addition to the album. #LostLily has a gorgeous bassline that carries the song. This is an experimental and ethnic folk-infused story that has zero words but all the spice. This track has so many world influences within it from Arabian guitar to Aboriginal. This is not the only track that implements world music into the project! #MotherShowedUs picks up from where #LostLily left off in a flawless transition. The song then merges into something that combines hints of Eastern world influence with folk. These last three songs particularly stand out to me on this album. The title track #ConsciousStars offers listeners a natural opening - the sound of wind acts to sweep us into a track that is rooted in soulful rock. #MountainAir is a dreamy piece - one to relax to and reflect on. #ConsciousStars comes to an end with #You. In this feel-good concluding piece, we hear the freedom of this duo showcased through happy whistles along with jolly guitar strums, free drumming, and lyrics of appreciation for one another. CASEY ABRAMS & SAM STOKES have created a flawless project here! I'm looking forward to hearing more and this certainly is not the last time that I will hear their music!



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