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New Music Roundup: Fresh Releases You Can't Miss! - TJPL FRESH ACOUSTIC, INDIE ROCK AND GUITAR RIFFS

Discover the latest tracks from Emker Cel, Harker, and Jack Foz as they captivate listeners with their innovative sounds and powerful themes. Explore their latest singles now!


Death Of Dreams

Emker Cel's "Death Of Dreams" Shines Light on Cumbria's Growing Music Scene

Emker Cel, part of Seahouse Records, brings attention to the burgeoning music scene of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, with "Death Of Dreams." Showcasing the high-quality production and captivating animated video, this release proves that there's plenty to offer from this small outpost. Get ready for the raw talent that Emker Cel and Seahouse Records have in store for 2023.


Wasting Time

Harker's Return with a New Lineup and "Wasting Time".

Brighton-based punk band Harker makes a triumphant return in 2023 with their new lineup and the release of "Wasting Time" on Wiretap records. Building on their strong following since their formation in 2015, Harker plans to unveil more singles in the coming months, continuing to make waves in the UK punk scene. With gritty vocals and clean guitar tones, this is one to get into time and time again.



Jack Foz's Debut Single "Casual" Delivers Energetic Indie Rock.

Rising TikTok star Jack Foz unveils his high-energy indie rock debut single "Casual" on March 24th. The track, reminiscent of bands like The Vaccines and Catfish and the Bottlemen, merges nostalgic 80s synthesizer tones with a catchy melody. Despite exploring the anxiety of early relationships, the upbeat vibe of "Casual" makes it a perfect addition to your summer playlist.

Embark on a journey with these promising artists as they redefine the music scene with their unique sounds and compelling stories. Dive into the world of Emker Cel, Harker, and Jack Foz and witness the future of music unfold before your eyes.

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