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NEW YANK YORKIES - Trick Of The Heart


Trick Of The Heart

Vancouver, Canada

Credit - Lucho Berzek

The New Yank Yorkies have released another game-changing single with ‘TRICK OF THE HEART.’ It's rock, American rock, with a hotfoot in the blues and the other in soul. It trickles the melody through all of its layers; guitar, bass, drums and vocals, and what comes out is distilled funky bliss. The power that drives the melody is what hit me first. It's massive, wild and free. Pair that with some vocals that hold a tune like it's light as a feather and instrumental playing that’s set for stardom and you have a keeper that’s so new it's already a classic.

The sound that emanates from the New Yank Yorkies is hard to pinpoint, so try to imagine this. The songwriting funk and character of Bruce Springsteen meets the energy and riff-writing genius of Oasis. Blend the two in a 50/50 shot and add a quart of bourbon and there you have it. ‘TRICK OF THE HEART’ is rock and roll so pure it leaves a fire in the back of your throat.



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