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Nick Marks' 'Asymptomatrix': A Sonic Odyssey Through Jazztronica and Lo-Fi Landscapes

Vibrant and abstract, the artwork for Nick Marks' 'Asymptomatrix' is a psychedelic journey into the heart of jazztronica, symbolizing a fusion of tradition and futuristic sounds.
Vibrant and abstract, the artwork for Nick Marks' 'Asymptomatrix'

Experience the Future of Jazz with Nick Marks' Electrifying Blend of Drum'n'Bass and Hip-Hop in 'Asymptomatrix'

When I first encountered Nick Marks' single, "Asymptomatrix" I felt as though I had entered a sonic rebellion. One that turns its back against the ordinary shapes and sizes of society. Liberation to put it in words. The production draws you into what has been described as a 'jazztronica matrix'. Sold yet?

From the get-go, "Asymptomatrix" offers an insurgence of rhythm beginning with synthesizer trills. It feels like electrical impulses shooting through the neurons of the brain. Firing lasers and flashing lights - It's as if you're strapped into a rollercoaster within your own mind through jazz and electronica all whilst peering into the abyss of a musical evolution. The sound? Rich harmonies of jazz that are underpinned by a pulsating heart of drum’n’bass as you enter a rave. Picture that for imagery.

Take the time to close your eyes and imagine, if you will, John Coltrane sitting in on a session with LTJ Bukem. Their sounds crashed together like waves upon the shores of innovation. This is what "Asymptomatrix" presents. It's an alchemy of the old and new alike, where funk-infused hip-hop creates a thrilling soundscape. And then you find yourself in an unexpected twist — and back into a break-beat hip-hop groove we go, one that feels as though you've stumbled into an alternate dimension where the rules of rhythm and harmony are rewritten.

That's not all though, a post-bop tenor sax solo from the one and only Sam Dillon offers a fusion that creates something extraordinary within the piece.

Nick Marks Promo Shot
Nick Marks Promo Shot

As I listen, again I'm transported once more. I'm no longer just a passive listener but now an active participant in this odyssey. This is such an enthusiastic nod to the pioneers of jazz, yet it's dressed in the vibrant, eclectic threads of modernity. It's a celebration of the past and a fearless march into the future and I'm certainly here for more!

Nick Marks's "Asymptomatrix" has ignited a revolution in sound, challenging us as listeners to cast aside our preconceptions and dive headfirst into the unknown. And dive I shall, again and again, into this rich, electrifying matrix of melody and mayhem. Amazing!

Genre: Jazz, Electronica, Drum’n’Bass, Hip-Hop, Funk, Lo-Fi

Mood: Energetic, Happy, Surreal, Vivid, Driving, Enveloping, Twisty, Blistering, Organic, Motivating

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