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Ninni's Bold Rendition of "White Christmas" - A Solo Symphony of Styles

Ninni's adaptation of "White Christmas" exceeds boundaries.

Ninni brings back his unique versatility in his distinctive take on "White Christmas" this season. As a solo performer, he skillfully plays, records, and produces all the elements of his songs, showcasing a multi-instrumental prowess in his music.

Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of genres and icons from the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, and Irving Berlin, Ninni's adaptation of "White Christmas" exceeds boundaries. His love for various styles including classical, jazz, punk, rock, Latin, and electronic, promises a unique spin on a classic holiday track.

A hypnotic organ brings the synth melody into a modern era with a hint of classic. Things begin to travel across the globe, things get rhythmic with hints of Latin percussion and a subtle rock basis. It's the most uniquely brilliant thing I've heard all week! In parts, expect a mix of steel drums and organs. Never thought I'd hear the beats of the summer mixed with winter but here we are! And it is GREAT!

Formerly recognized as a bassist across Italy, Canada, and the UK, Ninni's journey towards songwriting and singing marks a significant evolution in his artistic identity. This transformation is evident in his rendition of "White Christmas," reflecting his journey in music and personal growth.

Ninni's "White Christmas" is a product of his home studio, where he single-handedly managed the playing, singing, arranging, producing, mixing, and mastering. This holistic approach ensures his vision for the song is expressed fully and authentically.

Expect this to hear up your winter during the festive season. Definitely won't be forgetting this rendition in a hurry for all the right reasons!

Genres: Christmas, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Classical

Moods: Passionate, Innovative, Festive

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