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Noise Factory United's Debut Single 'Southsea Common': A Synth-Powered Roller Coaster Ride

Noise Factory United have come out of the woodwork with a punchy debut single that will blow every door in your house off its hinges. ‘Southsea Common’ is a synth bop/indie rock track that builds its foundations on a bed of brit rock and post-pop. It’s a powerful tune that pulses with synths, splashes with guitars and sends you all the way home with those enigmatic vocals. But the song goes deeper than surface-level brit-rock. It delves into the synth land with arpeggiated rhythms and keeps the chorus alive with layered harmonies. What seems like a simple song at first glance is actually a multi-faceted musical menagerie of texture.

It's bass in the beginning with the synth. The guitar flies in with wayward melodies and gets the chord progression moving faster and faster. The vocals pick up steam and the first verse is enough to get you hooked. It swings, it flows, all the sounds being propelled by the relentless synth in the middle of it all. It serves as a core, but it never oversteps its bounds, it strengthens everything it touches and drowns nothing out. Then the chorus rears and it’s all over folks, that’s it, you’ve got yet another new favourite indie band. Noise Factory United are pushing strong melodies with oodles of confidence and it works like a charm, now all we have to do is wait for more!



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