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Northern Trails' 'Through The Grain': A Musical Odyssey from Uppsala to Americana Bliss!

The cover art for Northern Trails' 'Through The Grain',
The cover art for Northern Trails' 'Through The Grain'

Sweden's Northern Trails Blend Melodic Pop Rock with Americana in Their Latest Hit, Paying Homage to Moments of Clarity

Blues guitar riffs just hit. Especially when their deep in tone. Well, here we have something for Americana and Blues lovers. Hailing from the historic city of Uppsala, Sweden, Northern Trails introduces their groundbreaking single, "Through The Grain," marking the beginning of a series of releases planned for the spring of 2024. This track stands as a testament to the band's deep-rooted love for Americana, skillfully intertwined with their signature melody-driven pop rock. The Americana twangs lift every word, the blues influence adds a deepness and the guitar solo goes off! When combined with the soft classic rock vocals and the drumming, everything pieces together beautifully.

Northern Trails, are known for their electrifying live performances, and I can imagine nothing but! Boasting a unique approach to recording—capturing the essence of their songs live, often with minimal gear in intimate settings, their hands-on method has led to the production of outstanding records, largely thanks to the band's multi-talented lead, Thomas Isberg, who not only writes and sings but also produces and mixes their music.

"Through The Grain" in it's a celebration of pivotal moments, addresses the emotions surrounding the notion of when life suddenly becomes clear. Those moments when you find yourself stepping into new territory after a long journey of learning and growth - we've all had those right? It's about the epiphanies that can strike in the simplest of moments, perhaps even over a glass of beer. The track initially debuted as the opening song on "My Mind Is Open"—a vinyl LP featuring bands from Uppsala, released by Open Mind Records in December 2023.

Credit: Photography: Thomas Isberg

Northern Trails have a unique way of delivering timeless, melancholic melodies which are wrapped in the classic garb of pop and rock. Adorned with touches of genre-crossing brilliance, their artistry is definitely one to check out if you appreciate clean vocals and superb guitar solos.

Their journey from the "Hearts Went Frozen EP" to their latest work exemplifies their dedication to exploring new musical terrains while staying true to their roots in Americana, Britpop, and Swedish indie pop traditions.The band was born out of a shared passion for music between Christer Tinnerholm and Thomas Isberg, who decided to channel their energies from ultra-running into pop music creation. Along with their friends Per Larsson, Ulf Eklund, and the later addition of Thomas Strömbom, Northern Trails has evolved into a quintet, enriching Sweden's music scene with their diverse sounds.

"Through The Grain" invites listeners on a journey through moments of revelation and transformation and as they continue to release new music in 2024, the band is set to captivate audiences worldwide with their distinct sound and poetic narratives.

Stay tuned.

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