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New York, United States

Credit - Cameron Scoggins

‘Fudge.’ It's thick, dense. It houses a robust flavour that hits you in the back of the pallet. It's warm, some would say nostalgic. It is also the latest single from occurrence, it's an industrial and dark experimental synth track that boasts all of the features of fudge the confection and more. The heady vocals are bright and tonal, they sit in the sky and sing down from the cloud peaks. The instrumental is where the complexities lie. It is crunchy at times, soft at others. It’s shocking yet familiar, with textures that strike you in the synth melody, but tones and harmonies that soothe you in the bass. The percussion is lively, it backs off to let the vocal shine, then breaks back in again to confound and amuse.

‘Fudge’ is experimental synth at its most performant. For me, synth music carries a melody. It has a simple task. So when you experiment, you subvert the norm, you take that knowledge and discard it. Here the melody lives in the vocal and the synth acts as a medium for the beat. It creates a soundscape of clashes and bleats and rivers and mountains. It creates a stage, the vocal its player, it does so with clinical precision, and then is no more. ‘Fudge’ seems simple at first, but it is very complex once you get to know it. Once again, like the confection.



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