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Occurrence's 'The Remote Past Tense': A Stunning Synth Spectacle

Credit - Cameron Scoggins

‘The Remote Past Tense’ from Occurrence fills the world with purples and blues. The textures collide and the melody is formed. It shoots to the sky, so huge, so bright. You look away, but you can hear it, a voice, a pulsing and loving harmony, the sounds of delight. The song begins its march amongst strings and light synths. They wrap and warble in the wind, pushed aside by the slightest breeze. But that delicacy doesn’t last forever. The song picks up, and Occurrence take us for a ride.

The synth tones smash into one another as they arrive, sucked into the melodic core. They go supernova. The beat pushes harder, larger, taking up continents of space with its echo. The lines are carved in the Earth with deep bass that approaches. The vocal stands tall and never falters. It takes each new sound in its stride and stays above it all. ‘The Remote Past Tense’ is a musical marvel, a once-in-a-blue-moon Occurrence. A must-listen industrial synth hit.



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