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Old Man Soul Club Spreads Joy with New Single 'Smiling Boogaloo'

Smiling_Boogaloo_Cover_Art: "Vivid and colorful cover art for Old Man Soul Club's new single 'Smiling Boogaloo.'
First in a Series of Upcoming Singles Promises to Keep You Smiling

Introduction: As we near the new year, Old Man Soul Club is offering up a burst of positivity with their new single "Smiling Boogaloo." freshly released today on Friday, September 29, 2023, this song promises to be the most uplifting tune you'll hear this year.

Background & Bio: Based in London, United Kingdom, Old Man Soul Club has a unique musical style that blends elements from various genres like Britpop, Indie Pop, Ska, and more. Their diverse range of music appeals to a broad audience, and their new single "Smiling Boogaloo" is no exception.

Song Features: Recorded in a flash of inspiration and "cooked in its own juices," as the band describes it, "Smiling Boogaloo" is a delightful mix of alternative pop, art pop, and lo-fi guitar music. The song aims to bring smiles to faces everywhere, whether you're in bars, clubs, or just walking down the street.

Critical Reception: While the song is yet to be officially released, it's anticipated that "Smiling Boogaloo" will be an infectious tune that will resonate with listeners and critics alike, encouraging everyone to keep on smiling.

Upcoming Events: As part of their ongoing efforts to spread positivity, Old Man Soul Club has more singles in the pipeline, making "Smiling Boogaloo" the first of many gifts to their fans.

With 'Smiling Boogaloo,' Old Man Soul Club is setting the tone for a happier world.

Conclusion: "Smiling Boogaloo" is more than just a song; it's a movement encouraging us all to embrace positivity and joy in our lives. Whether you're already a fan or new to Old Man Soul Club, this track is a can't-miss experience that will leave you smiling.


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