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PAUL MENEL - I’m Spending This One With You - LATEST RELEASE


I’m Spending This One With You

West Midlands, United Kingdom

Paul Menel is ringing in the festive period with a single that will get us all moving, ‘I’m Spending This One With You’. An upbeat Christmas song that boasts a merry instrumental and layered harmonies. The chorus comes to life with echoes of young vocalists, it all feels so wholesome. Together all of these attributes paired with the lyrics that sew a tale of love and longing culminate in a track that feels so yule it's downright figgy. If you're in need of a new Christmas track for the playlist on the big day, you can’t go wrong with Paul Menel's ‘I’m Spending This One With You’.

Strings and bells open the song for us. They wisp in the cold winter wind as the bass and drums blend in from below and take over as they blow out of sight. The beat is tight, funky and jovial and the vocals fit right in to keep the melody on track. They sing a catchy tune that takes us right to that chanting chorus that everyone is waiting for. Bells, bass, drums and harmony. Yep, that sounds like Christmas to me. Once it’s all said and done, the air will smell like freshly baked cookies and the tinsel will glitter in the candlelight. Give this track a spin and you’ll raise your spirits as high as your glass

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