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Updated: Jan 10, 2023




Credit - Marco Jeannin

Existentialism is a phrase that many use but not all understand. A concept most famous for the works of modern Philosopher, J.P Sartre. ‘Perdurabo’ has released a song that aims to highlight the conceptual framework of existentialism through light and darkness: contrasts of our own existence.

‘Hopes’ is the title of this experimental mix of synth indie rock and art pop. Immediately making an impact, distorted white noise pans across the earphones/speakers of the listener to make for an edgy and cinematic opening.

As the piece develops, listeners are lured into a landscape of darkness, and light through the industrial-sounding basslines and brought back into the light through dream pop lead guitars. One band comes to mind in a comparison of production – Muse.

The high energy of synth rock/Electro rock is a powerful energy that when experimented with, has the ability to move mountains.

‘Hopes’ is a great production that has a whole team of skilful contributors behind it –

Mixed by Gareth Jones at Strongroom

Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios

Vocals: Daudi Matsiko, Tom Adams, and Miro Shot

Drums: Jörg Wähner (Apparat)

Modulars: Gabriele Giletta


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