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Pop artist Stella Paris gives a high-energy performance through a single entitled 'Electrifying'



West Midlands, United Kingdom

Pop artist Stella Paris gives us high energy which grabs you at the hips with her new single ‘Electrifying’. The song was inspired by a static kiss she shared back in 2018, and goes on to discuss those strong, almost electrifying connections we feel during feelings of lust.

There is an interesting soundscape, with an incorporation of funky beats and pop synth to really lift you off your feet! This all seems to reflect on ideas surrounding the high intensity of those sparks we feel with certain people in our lives, and the way Stella conveys this idea gives an otherworldly view of feelings of lust. The harmonious vocals complement this well, I also enjoyed the slip into more robotic sounds in some parts which really gave the track a futuristic feel. The quirky digital sound which floods the musicality, along with the bright, luminous colours of the single’s imagery also contributed to this feeling, which I believe creates Stella to have carved her own unique stance in the pop genre.

If you’re a pop lover, or ever feel like letting your hair down and having a dance, ‘Electrifying’ is certainly the track for you! - AIMEE STOKES


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