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POP & DANCE 10/06/2022



Lauren Walton - Hardwired

London, United Kingdom

Lauren Walton is a 22-year-old artist from London Uk. Her debut single 'Hardwired' touches on themes of growth and adversity - Highlighting her path so far. Walton has a dark tone to her music through her impeccable vocal execution both lyrically and in tone. This is a piece that should be making massive waves and I'm sure that it will! 'Hardwired is an incredibly impressive debut single that addresses dark times whilst remaining commercially viable - this piece had to come in at Number 1 this week and made it into Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Playlist.



Sadie Nix - Same Song

Brighton, United States

Sadie Nix an independent singer/songwriter living in Brighton, UK released her second single 'Same Song' on 27th May. We were super excited to delve into this track having heard the quality of her debut release. 'Same Song' has a sound that merges the sound of Becky Hill and Katy Perry. How can you not love that! I loved this piece and added it to Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Playlist this week. The lyrics are catchy, the production upbeat. 'Same Song' is the PERFECT track for any party and radio station. If you're looking for a track that captures that Friday feeling, then getting familiar with this track is a MUST!



Ocevnside Clvb - Another Lifetime

Toronto, Canada

'Another Lifetime' is the final lead-up to Ocevnside Clvb upcoming album, 'The Art of Heartbreak', which is due for release on June 12th. Opening with a sad guitar loop and moving vocal chops this piece captured me instantly. As the main vocals come in we hear something radio worthy. There are so many elements that have gone into the sound of this piece. The vocal effects, the mixing of all of the instruments, and the lyrics are all faultless. This is the perfect track for Dark Pop lovers. It's a song about losing love and holding on to hope that you might find it again in another lifetime. One of my personal favorites to come through for a while!



Holly Wild - Thrill of It

Sydney, Australia

Holly Wild is an Australian Singer-Songwriter. 'Thrill of It' is all about toxic chemistry. The type that you feel with someone but are very aware that you shouldn’t but you can’t stay seem to stay away. The lyrics are highly sadistic in this dark pop track where addiction, punishment, and mental torture are explored in a way that is sexy and luring to the listener. The vocals are spectacular in the way that they are layered, mixed, and panned. This allows listeners to really hear and feel every word! Holly Wild has done a great job with her team to bring something that is worthy of radio play and/or as a soundtrack to film. Definitely an artist on the rise!



Archer - Bad For You

London, United Kingdom

Archer's new single is an explicitly dark and intense track that is steered by a lust for love that encapsulates all that is bad! 'Bad For You' is a track that doesn't hold back in its introduction. Openining with a drill bell synth melody and heavy 808s this is a piece that hits listeners with darkness immediately. As the vocals come into play we hear emo-rap vocals swirl around your mind like the demons lurking behind the words. I love the rock tone in the vocals and the slurred execution, they work in a way that offers something meaningful and heartfelt. There's also a real distorted twist in instrumentation and vocals that breaks the track up in an experimental way that showcases the distortion of the mind. I loved the twist! Archer is an artist on the rise. Keep your eyes on him and make sure that you go take a peek at his website too!



Anthony Byrne - Exhale

Limerick, Ireland

Credit - Padraic Hennessy

'Exhale' by Anthony Byrne is a song that addresses struggles with depression, anxiety, and the guilt/shame of feeling like you are the one standing in your own way. The lyrics are cleverly put to paper to showcase the spiraling of inner thoughts when falling into the trap of depression. The execution of lyrics flows from one line to the next to mimic a train of thought running out of control. The production of the track features a lot of vocal layering to show the voices that come from every angle when in that spiral of overthinking. This is a really deeply felt piece that puts overthinking to the best use. Click the link below to hear it.



Killsy - Sweet Dru

Miami, United States

Credit - Sandra Rodriguez

Killsy sent us their track to listen to this week. 'Sweet Dru' is a piece that truly turns pain into art. The opening piano melody is emotional and when accompanied by the lyrics the listener can genuinely feel them. The following line really stood out to me- "I'm sick of being tricked into these lives we're meant to live and the pain that comes with it". If dark pop is something that resonates with you then you will have no problem relating to this song. Themes of childhood innocence, anti-acceptance, and healing are all present in this extremely moving piece.



Deiphos Jay - Dance Like you mean it

Hove, United Kingdom

Deiphos Jay sent their track to us this week! 'Dance Like you mean it' is a track that touches on a hidden agenda that the artist sees and makes clear he wants no part of. Opening with a catchy kick followed by a guitar riff was a great start to the track - The track is highly experimental implementing the fusion of electronic, rock, and punk to create a pop track that is catchy and relatable. I think this track has something special about it that would do really well in any scenario. It has all the indicators of a track that will be remembered by everyone in years to come. Deiphos Jay is definitely an artist to keep an eye on!



7000apart - Player 2

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit -

The international duo 7000apart released their second single entitled 'Player 2 on May 27th. The duo recently had their song 'Blank Check' featured on MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings. This is a piece that dreams are made of literally. The lyrics talk of being labeled 'Player 2' in a relationship but the instrumentation is extremely dreamy with hints of twee sounds that capture the nature of both fun and turmoil. The instrumentation and the vocals lift and lower with each other in perfect harmony. This is a piece that sounds like it could feature in theatre or a musical film. Click the link below to get familiar with 7000apart.



Fovelle - Mettre le feu

Québec City, Canada

Credit - Étienne Dionne

Fovelle sent us their latest track entitled 'Mettre le feu' this week. The title translates to English as "set the fire". This song is about having the courage to be happy. The lyrics address themes of not being afraid of leaving everything behind, choosing yourself, and starting over. We all deserve to go "là où la vie se crie" (Where life screams). The production of the track is full of positive energy in a swirl of EDM and disco-funk through classic EDM synths and funky basslines. Definitely one to lift your energy this Friday so make sure that you hit that button below!


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