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PowerBush Electrifies with 'Sex Like Thunder': A Rock Masterpiece Blending Funk, Soul, and Punk

Snapshot from a PowerBush video shoot.
Snapshot from a PowerBush video shoot.

PowerBush's 'Sex Like Thunder': A Fusion of Rock and Eclectic Energy

PowerBush is taking a powerful stride into the world of rock. Their latest single, ‘Sex Like Thunder,’ is a rock tune that keeps things classic, and does it oh so well. The light bouncing off the guitar strings as they play to a crowd is dazzling, a performance worthy of legend. The song brings together rock, funk, soul, modern punk and classic power rock. Who could resist such a sound? If anyone can I don’t know them and I don’t care to know them. It’s drums, it’s guitar, it’s brass and it’s vox. They all blend together to furnish a rock’n’roll hotel room, ready for you to trash as you take in the beat.

PowerBush Promo Shot in nature with guitar
PowerBush Promo Shot

We waste no time, PowerBush has us running from the get-go. The guitar hides, peeking its head with staccato pushes and pulls. The texture is sublime, and the power, ready. The vocals take us into the fold. They are wise, thick, they hold a tonne of energy and they are too, waiting to release it. Soon the bass makes a funky intro, the drums are patting and padding, the brass in the back begins to rumble just before the chorus breaks and then — hup and whammy! Here it comes! Like a golden wave of sound and style, the chorus takes the world. The beat has you, then the melody, it’s catchy as all heck and it rides on that vocal which has bolstered. It has grit, power beyond imagining, and holds the melody like a pro. Once we come down, all we want to do is get back up again.

‘Sex Like Thunder’ feels like it. It’s pulsing, electric. A climax of emotion and sound hits you like a fog; everywhere all at once, but unavoidable. You get lost in it, this amazing sound, so all you can do is follow PowerBush to the finish. A wonderful single, a golden great. Can’t wait for the album.

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