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Prangin' Mantis' 'King Dave' Unleashes High-Octane Indie Rock with a Retro Twist

Prangin’ Mantis’s latest single, ‘King Dave,’ feels like a blast from a past that never happened. The bright vocals mixed with the churning guitar tones bring otherworld Stones vibes into view. But the pace comes from the punk/psyche scene. The is a speed — more, momentum — to the track. It keeps you in it, keeps you full of hope and bite. The song lashes out at the chorus as it blasts “King Dave!” at you as you stroll on by. A heaping spoonful of classic drum patterns later and you find yourself swinging to the beat and rolling your shoulders along with the rest of us.

From the very beginning of ‘King Dave’ I knew I was in for a treat. Prangin’ Mantis sound like no other indie rock band I have come across. That bite, that attitude, and that high bright tone in the vocals. It’s enough to make me giddy. It would be a crime to miss out on ‘King Dave,’ a stellar song from a stellar band.



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