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Doux Instants

Québec City, Canada

Somewhere between the mad rush of Christmas and New Year it is essential that we find a space for calm. Raynald Grenier is exactly what you have been longing for. ‘Doux Instants’ is an acoustic piano piece that will wash away the pain of yesterday, luring listeners into a world of pure tranquillity and relaxation.

There is something magical about this composition, whether it’s the arrangement, the varying velocity or the simplicity of its being but one thing remains certain in that Grenier’s talent is a moving one.

Taking influence from the likes of Andrew Lloyd Weber, John Willimas, and Ennio Morricone, Raynald Grenier has perfected his spellbinding ability to captivate his audience through his storytelling sounds.

Grenier holds the belief that music is “the best antidote for all the ills of this world”. Take a little over five minutes out of your routine today to sit back, breathe and enjoy the journey of ‘Doux Instants’.

Simply Stunning

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