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Always Late

Austin, Texas, United States

‘Always Late’ is the title of the newest synth-wave track coming from Reue x Synthemesc. The track is a perfect blend of modern dance stylings and future wave beats. The song shifts and churns as it progresses and becomes more and more complex. Get ready to be completely lost in the synth void as Reue x Synthemesc pull you through a wormhole to the future and perfectly scores the supernatural event with pads, drums and that tasty tasty oscillating chip tone.

The song introduces you to its drum section first, getting you comfortable before blowing you sideways with a cyberpunk synth sound from the year 3000. - FREDDIE MCKEE

When the build starts you know something big is going to go down and let me tell you ‘Always Late’ does not disappoint in the drop department. Might I touch on the name for a moment? So many synth dance and house tracks are named so meaninglessly but I really understand how ‘Always Late’ came to get its name. It's the perfect track for running through the rain, half-dressed, on your way to work, brushing your teeth on the train and trying to save every single second you can to beat the clock. The pace is profound and the pressure is on and that comes across so clearly in the song. A brilliant instrumental, chuck it on your driving playlist and it’ll be a favourite in no time.


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