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Revitalizing Classic Blues: 'All or Nothing' by Derek Lee Goodreid – Gritty and Harmonious Folk

Derek Lee Goodreid is bringing the folk back to the country blues world. His single, ‘All or Nothing,’ showcases his talent on the guitar, his passion and drive for those classic tones and medleys. He nails it at each turn, with layers of complexity building to form a harmonic song of pure bliss. The vocals fly in overtop and land firm in the earth. Gritty when they need to be and warm through the rest, it’s a perfect flavour for these folky blues. Once all is set and the pace of the track can be felt in your chest, it pauses to drop into a chorus that will catch in your throat. It’s big, it’s bold, but most of all it’s simple, classic, it’s just done so well you can’t help but love it.

Blues can go any which way. Sometimes I want it to hit main street in double denim and sing about the moon or the deep desires of humanity. ‘All or Nothing’ is that kind of blues song — the best kind of blues song. It ebbs and flows with the feel of a classic but it bounces and bites with new blood. If you’re looking for a new star to light up your Americana sky, you just found one. It’s Derek Lee Goodreid.



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