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Revolutionary Rock Fusion: Red Bird Rising Unleashes Powerhouse Single

‘My Revolution ft. Taras Kuznetsov’ is a powerful rocking single from Red Bird Rising. The track doesn’t stop at rock. It brings influences in from all around the joint. With vocals that breathe a little soul and strings in the back to match that. In places, the track perks up and gets cinematic, a little edgy. It works to bring a new angle to the single, a new place for the rocking core to spread its wings. Through and through a song played with feeling, played with a love for the music, and played for the heck of it. That on its own is worth a listen.

Red Bird Rising ft. Taras Kuznetsov have piled so much into ‘My Revolution’ that you could be led to believe that it could sound messy. But the magic is, it never does. The song is clean, crisp, tight and catchy as it gets. That chorus blows me away every time.



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