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Rewinding the Clock with Rock: SIG AND THE FIRE PILOTS Ignite with 'ALMOST OUT OF TIME'

‘ALMOST OUT OF TIME’ is a new single from SIG AND THE FIRE PILOTS and it is a sweltering good time. There is this British ska sound at the core of it all. Think The Clash but with a fresh coat of paint and some other rock influences tossed in for good measure. What you’re getting is that groove. That funk under the bass, behind the guitar and rooted inside the skin of the drums. It’s magical. The beat throws you down a well instantly. It’s deep, dank and full of surprises. What keeps you afloat are the emerging sounds. The guitar and bass combo blend so well with the percussion. It’s all one well-oiled machine. When the lights dim and the vocals come in strong, they fit like a glove and the song gets even better.

I think this genre of rock lives and dies in the chorus. That's where the groove takes you from and leads you back to. It’s got to feel good yano? And I can happily say that ‘ALMOST OUT OF TIME’ feels like the bee's knees. SIG AND THE FIRE PILOTS are singing from the heart and playing from the soul, their sound is massive and invigorating and I wouldn’t change a thing. Extraordinary.



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