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Rhythm Revival: Alexia Vegas' 'First Kiss (Your Love)' Radiates Irresistible Beats & Soaring Vocals

Alexia Vegas is bringing the rhythm and beat back into pop. ‘First Kiss (Your Love)’ is a track that grows with the rhythm. From the start, the song takes no prisoners. The beat is infectious and holds a Latin vibe. It boils up through your feet and moves your shoulders as the bells begin to toll and the lights begin to shine. The fire is lit, and the vocals burn bright. Alexia Vegas always stuns in the vocal department and ‘First Kiss (Your Love)’ is no exception. It’s bright, fluid, and the harmonies send the sound stage soaring, adding even more oomph to the already bopping chorus.

Tracks like this take no time at all to ingrain themselves into your mind. The beat stays with you through the day and into the next. You can fall back on it, the melody and the harmony acting like a safety blanket of sound as you push on through. ‘First Kiss (Your Love)’ is an amazing pop song but it is more than that. It is a blending of sounds and cultures that works to build an image of adoration. A beautiful song with a rhythm that sticks and a soul that flies.



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