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Ricardo y Rey's 'Estar Contigo': A Melodic Bridge Between Continents!

Cover art for Ricardo y Rey's 'Estar Contigo'
Cover art for Ricardo y Rey's 'Estar Contigo'

Ricardo y Rey, the New York City-based musical duo, are redefining the soundscape with their latest single, "Estar Contigo". Following the success of their heart-stirring debut, "Necesito Verte", this dynamic pair ventures further into their unique blend of Bomba y Plena, electro-afrobeat, and a reggaeton twist, offering YOU a compelling narrative of connection and yearning.

Release on February 29th, 2024, "Estar Contigo" is a sonic exploration of the universal longing for togetherness - a theme that resonates deeply in today's global context. Ricardo Quiñones and Rey Reinaldo de Jesus, the talents behind this musical marvel, mix rhythm and melody into what can only be described as sunshine in music form.

With a foundation rooted in traditional Latin rhythms and a keen eye on the pulse of modern music, Ricardo y Rey's work is a celebration of cultural fusion. Their music, described as a euphoric journey blending layered percussion, syncopated guitars, and wistful chants, has captivated audiences and critics alike, heralded as a fusion of "musica folclórica meets afrobeat and Latin pop".

The duo's international flair is bolstered by their impressive resumes, having shared stages with luminaries such as Lauryn Hill, India Arie, Alicia Keys, and Antibalas. Their collaborations reflect a dedication to musical excellence and innovation, marking them as significant contributors to the contemporary music scene.

Opening with a jazzy saxophone solo (Think the Simpsons, Lisa's solo that was my vision), the track gets off to a great start. It's relaxing from the first note and it just gets better and better from there. Mixing soulful vocal layers with Afrobeat and Latin influence took me straight back to a memory that I have from 2021. Cuba - precise location Bacunayagua Bridge in between Varadero and Havanna. I stopped off to enjoy the viewing spot and found a band playing, a cello, bass acoustic, some percussion and a 12-string guitar. I was only there once right? So I asked to play. Off we went, I was now the lead guitarist on a guitar in unknown tuning - but we made it work naturally. It's one of my lifetime highlights, so an important one to me. Anyway, this release from Ricardo y Rey took me straight back to that happy place like a scent that reminds you of your favourite person. It's full of authentic flavour. It showcases the musical fusion that broadens the horizons of commercial world music. It takes you away from the business of everyday life and into serenity but it also takes you to the middle of somewhere full of sun and relaxation, in my case, Cuba.

Spiritually free and amazingly uplifting, "Estar Contigo" will leave you without a care in the world. I've found my new happy place in the essence of this song.

Genre: Acoustic Rock, Latin Pop, Afrobeat, Latin Reggaeton, Commercial Pop

Mood: Euphoric, Longing, Vibrant, Universal Connection

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