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Milano, Italy

Riccardo Pietri is a pianist and composer who was born and raised in Milan. Currently publishing with Halidon Music, Pietri released "Tenth" on 1st September 2022. Making it clear that you don't always need to be able to read music to compose beautifully, Pietri stands tall in his persuit for classical piano pieces.

"Tenth" takes listeners into liberation through the gorgeously mellow melodic fingerwork of Pietri. In this composition you can almost hear the soul of the artist fly freely through the sky as though he has escaped a troubled past.

To me, "Tenth" has tones of freedom, new changes and acceptance. The familiarity of space between notes offers a sense of calm whilst the overall tones of the composotition feel as though it has a lot of historical emotion that has managed to voice itself.

"Tenth" is a composition that will make every listener mindful of their own thoughts whilst accepting the emotions at play. This is a beautiful piece that will make you feel safe. - TAMARA JENNA

I envision that Ricardo Pietri will continue to move people with his skill - I for one have completely warmed to his craft therefore making "Tenth" one of our Ones2Watch! Click the link below to hear a preview of this gorgeous instrumental.


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