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Richard Green Reflects on Quarantine Lessons with 'A Lesson' Single

London-based singer-songwriter Richard Green releases 'A Lesson,' a dreamy pop tune infused with hope and reflection, born from the solitude of quarantine.

Richard Green, a versatile London-based musician, has released his heartfelt single 'A Lesson,' drawn from his experiences during the global quarantine. The song combines elements of dream pop, indie folk, and soft rock, offering a melodic reflection on humanity’s resilience.

Crafted during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, 'A Lesson' is a musical reminder of the potential for growth and change even in solitude. The track features an enchanting blend of mellow guitar work reminiscent of John Frusciante and lyrical depth inspired by icons like Tracy Chapman.

So, what can you expect? Well, listeners can expect clean guitar tones from both lead and bass along with the beautiful addition of strings that add to the cinematic flair of the track without overpowering its ability to relax listeners. Soft drumming lifts the piece into somewhat of a soft rock instrumental adding momentum to the sea of soft velocity.

As 'A Lesson' develops, a variety of solos are introduced into the mix from saucy lead guitar through to the heavier sounds of funk-infused bass effects.

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The song was recorded at a local studio in London, with the final touches provided by Richard's sound engineer from the renowned Studio Elfo in Italy. This cross-European collaboration highlights the track's broad appeal and meticulous production.

Richard comments on his work, "This song is a heartfelt note to the world, reflecting my hope that we emerge from trying times stronger and more united."

'A Lesson' is now available on streaming platforms, inviting listeners to delve into a musical journey marked by introspective lyrics and lush soundscapes. Whether you're a fan of Richard's diverse musical range or new to his work, this track offers a universal message wrapped in soothing melodies. Absent of words but with an endless dream of possibilities, 'A Lesson' is one for your Sunday Mornings and Relaxation playlists alike due to its ability to calm and guide rather than to distract.

Genres: Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Soft Rock, Alternative Pop, Soundtrack, Nostalgic Folk, Folk Rock, Power Pop, Indie Folk, Alt Rock Pop, Cinematic Instrumental, Easy Listening

Mood: Reflective, Hopeful, Nostalgic, Soothing, Cinematic

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